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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Last minute travel

It's Tuesday; you're already thinking about the weekend, and possibly escaping to some far away destination. "No way," you think. "Traveling last minute is waaaaaay too expensive."

Maybe. Maybe not.

Site 59 is an excellent site with which to plan your hasty getaway. You can book online two weeks in advance, or even up to three hours before departure. Basically, you select your point of departure, and Site 59 will offer specials from that destination. Itineraries are for the weekends only, but may consist of a Thursday-Saturday, Friday-Sunday, or Sunday-Tuesday grouping.

You will have the ability to book airfare with a hotel, airfare with a car, or airfare with a hotel and car rental. Bear in mind that if you are traveling by yourself, you are subject to an additional single passenger fee. If you find yourself having to fly away for the weekend last minute, and you really only need airfare, there are many times where the prices on Site 59 would be less than what you would pay for just a round trip ticket elsewhere. Select the airfare and car option if you have a place to stay already.

Lovers engaging in long distance relationships, take note: Site 59 now has an option that allows you to book airfare from two separate origins to the same destination.

"Sweetie, I'll see you in San Francisco?"

It's possible!

As with everything, please make sure you read what is included with your airfare, hotel, and car rentals carefully. Some hotel packages you choose may be subject to extra fees. Site 59 does not allow changes or refunds, so make sure you really intend to go before purchasing. :)


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